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True Motion was born out of the desire for intentionality.
Each of us have been working in the film industry for years and were hungry to add something new to our tool belt,  something that requires a very thought-out process on every single project.
We also quickly realized that there was a great need in the local market to provide other creatives with the possibilities that only motion control can offer. 

So in late 2021 we decided to partner in this venture and created True Motion Studios, a Denver based motion control company.

To learn more about who "we" are, check out our bios below!


The search for the right tool quickly came to an end after we stumbled across SISU Cinema Robotics.

SISU is pushing the envelope in cinema robotics by offering a much more intuitive operator experience, allowing us to not only be more efficient on set by being able to work faster, but also minimizing the hurdle between the creative and the technical side.

On top of that our SISU C20 has some impressive specs:

  • Wingspan of over 13 feet with 

  • max speed of almost 23 feet per second

  • fits through standard door ways for on-location shoots

  • payloads of up to 41 pounds - enough for any professional camera built

For more information check out SISU at

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Nick Bruso

Nick Bruso was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. He comes from an Italian family that own an Italian Restaurant. Nick was 11 when he started working at the family restaurant. This is where he learned his hard work ethic which transcends into his film making. From a young age, Nick always had a camera in his hand. He had a passion and love to film his friends and family. This love for documenting turned into his passion for film making. At 18 years old, Nick wrote, directed, filmed, and edited his first feature film called "The 8th Layer." The film is an action sports movie about skateboarding which deputed in January 2015. Nick attended Colorado Film School where he studied cinematography. He has since worked on numerous feature films, commercials, and TV Shows. As well as won 2 Best Cinematography awards, a Student Heartland Emmy, as well as many other nominations.

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Per Wigand

Per is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker. Born and raised in Austria he comes from a family with strong musical background, creating in him a love for arts and filmmaking at a very young age. After working in the art department in the Austrian film industry, he moved to the US to study film in 2009, completing his studies with 8 awards out of over a dozen nominations. Since then he's worked as a DP on award winning films and projects with Kevin Hart, Christopher Lloyd, Jessica Rothe, Mike Starr, Doug Jones as well as for companies such Nike, Western Union and the NFL to name just a few.


Today he calls the Colorado foothills his home base where he enjoys life with his wife and three children while traveling the country and the world to work as a director and DP. 

Story always comes first in Per's work. It is his philosophy that imagery should always evolve out of story rather than drawing attention away from it.

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